Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February - setting a GOAL

A note for upcoming art teachers...Never give up on finding where you "fit". I've been in a daze for the past six months because I've landed in a dream art room with coworkers who love "school" just as much as I.  

Believe me, there where many times I thought about leaving education because of stress, negativity and just well...no one cared about what I (art teacher) did. 

I did have one principal who I loved but she moved back to her home state to follow her dreams.  Sometimes you have to leap more than once to find where you "fit". I leaped 5 times befor I found my art home. 

I learned a lot in each place and I'm pretty sure I made the best of my stay. I changed my teachings for my students and made art fun for them. Any experience can be as good as you make it. 

This year I have challenge myself in almost just as harder ways than in my past years. I'm in my 6 year of teaching and I still LOVE it but have found ways to challenge my lessons and style if teaching. My students are young but capable of so much and I'm learning how much and when to strive to make them better artists. I've had lessons fail one day and learned to provide extra steps and all was well. 

I encourage everyone to look at our national board certification booklet for the visual arts. Opened up my young eyes to what should be taught in the art room. I passed the take one portion, but with a family, moving and starting a business I can't finish it this year. 

I guess in short, if you're not happy, change it or make the most of it. And surround yourself with positive people! It'll catch on and make your environment more refreshing. 

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Angela Zukowski said...

I know this is an old post, but as a first year teacher it was so good to see. I feel really down in the dumps and stuck currently. Trying to remind myself there will be other & different opportunities and I need to give it more than a year.