Monday, August 20, 2012

Week 2

Starting off the week by facing my mural fear! Pumping up for a Red Grooms collage portrait for 2nd grade! Last, but not least so excited as a mom son walked to me for the first time! He turned 1 last week :-) have a wonderful week!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Free Target $

Vote for Ross!

Please go vote for my school!!! We need some extra $$

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Art Week 1

 This week has been just great! I decided to stay at Ross Elementary as a part time art teacher and intervention teacher. :0) Last week we looked and remember how we were all artists using inspiration from the dot. This week in art we are studying our face and we made a sketchbook today! This year will have a lot of writing! After being trained in dibels yesterday, I have an appreciation of what classroom teachers are responsible for teaching students. I encourage every art/related arts teacher to collaborate with their grade levels. I hope your year has started off on the right foot!

Nature's beauty to start of the Monday morning. The day was just awesome!

Free stuff to start of a Tuesday morning :0)

A work from Friday classes last week

Pinterest tryout

Welcome Back!

Sketchbook Ideas

A must do every year! Tape a large paper to the table and when Kinders finish with their project, they have something to keep them busy! One table, as you can see...loved it a little too much but hey that's what art is for...experimenting!!!

Sketchbooks were made by K-4 today and they loved it. I had a pre-assessment of them drawing a portrait, then we filled in a template, and next week they will draw a self-portrait :0) A big thank you to my dad who drilled holes in 3 reams of paper, which was over in 5 minutes. I suggest a drill press over a hole punch. My goal is to use what I have in the room this year.