Thursday, July 31, 2014

Covering up the Cubbies!

I'm creating a text rich environment this year using the display cards from crystal production. 

The cubbies need to disappear but still be functional. Solution: hang picture hooks and then clip on a board with the display cards tacked onto them. Simple and clean.

I still need to make a 'what is a timeline' and 'what are art styles sign'.  :-)

 Easy hinge to still access items. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Art Room Library

This is a must have! When Artists' finish early, I have them complete a drawing activity or read a book. 

To the left: art books about artist and styles.  I'm working on coloring coding them by which shelf they go on so they stay organized! I'll tape paper to the book holder, 4 different colors and the. Color strips on the spin of the books. 

To the right: I'm working on labeling the yellow buckets , how to draw animals, people...vehicles etc.  One yellow bucket will have 1/2 sheets with a few pencils.  Clipboards are at the bottom. 

If someone finishes early, they are to complete a drawing based on following the steps in the book. They can add the image to their sketchbook or take it home.  I usually hd then because I have a few that can work in them the next time they finish early. 


Monday, July 28, 2014

How do you plan your ART LESSONS..S...S....?

I have folders and more folders with more lessons...lessons I've never done...plans that are 30 pages long...and more folders.  I do not teach the same lesson to each grade level.  I teach 6 different lessons in a day...when we have vacation or miss a day...or a class falls behind...I could be teaching 20 different lessons in week or all 30 classes could be on a different page.  I know some art teachers who teach 9 classes a day!!!

Every art teacher owes it to young artists' to have different lessons each year! Need ideas, head on over to Pinterest!!!

How I plan...

First step, What are your Artists' capable of creating?
 - The first year at a new school is always challenging. Give yourself a break! Challenge young artists'!  I've done too easy... and now I have made a plan for this 2nd year.

Second step, What is your overall focus for each Artist to learn in your classroom and the knowledge to take with them?
   - I greet each student as an Artist.  It makes a difference in his/her confidence and more of them take pride in the work they create.  I want each of them to experience all art materials in different ways each year. Lastly, I want them to understand that cultures all over the world create art and to have a deeper appreciation for others.

Third step, Don't forget to let the Artists' have fun!

I create a powerpoint each week, updating with a new lesson, or saving the old one for the classes who fall behind.

2014 - Back to School Week! Fresh Paint

The first year of feeling HAPPY going back to an ART job!!! I still pinch myself that I am surrounded by people who enjoy teaching and preparing for the school year to begin.

If you know me,  I appreciate this job because of almost ALL the others I had to endure. I did just write a paragraph, but deleted it because it's time to look forward.  I have grown as an artist- teacher, develop challenging lessons each year... the only difference is all of my stories are POSITIVE from this past year.  No more...guess what happened to me today...a student broke everyone's pottery in the class...and I have no money to buy more. Or, the chair throwing stories... That's all in the past!

This will be my 5th classroom and it is now time to make it an Artist's Space!  It starts with a fresh coat of paint and clearing the entire room.  I picked a soothing blue-green and borrowed the Librarian's calming light green because it reminded me of a Monet....and it's refreshing!

As a teacher, teaching 650+ a week...spending 80% of my day in this need to ENJOY the space you work in.  I like to be organized...I want the Artists' to know where the materials are. A clean work environment goes a long way... ( I wish I could say that about my beading jewelry hobby right now).  Seriously though, have students be responsible for cleaning up and respecting materials.  I learned this from the first job...Students must EARN the materials...I'll give a warning to the entire miss use, I take away the materials.  It only takes a couple of classes for students to understand how the respect process works. Sorry...soap box moment.   I'll soon post on how I begin the year organized and clutter free space.