Monday, July 28, 2014

How do you plan your ART LESSONS..S...S....?

I have folders and more folders with more lessons...lessons I've never done...plans that are 30 pages long...and more folders.  I do not teach the same lesson to each grade level.  I teach 6 different lessons in a day...when we have vacation or miss a day...or a class falls behind...I could be teaching 20 different lessons in week or all 30 classes could be on a different page.  I know some art teachers who teach 9 classes a day!!!

Every art teacher owes it to young artists' to have different lessons each year! Need ideas, head on over to Pinterest!!!

How I plan...

First step, What are your Artists' capable of creating?
 - The first year at a new school is always challenging. Give yourself a break! Challenge young artists'!  I've done too easy... and now I have made a plan for this 2nd year.

Second step, What is your overall focus for each Artist to learn in your classroom and the knowledge to take with them?
   - I greet each student as an Artist.  It makes a difference in his/her confidence and more of them take pride in the work they create.  I want each of them to experience all art materials in different ways each year. Lastly, I want them to understand that cultures all over the world create art and to have a deeper appreciation for others.

Third step, Don't forget to let the Artists' have fun!

I create a powerpoint each week, updating with a new lesson, or saving the old one for the classes who fall behind.

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robyn said...

I just found your blog and I love it! Thanks for all the posts!