Friday, August 26, 2011

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

2 schools, Interim, Masters, and Baby :-)

Notebooks for my interim.

My new 2 day a week classroom :-)

I meant to wipe of the window but it's okay for now.

Handmade holders

I recently went up to Boston University to complete my studio portion for getting my masters. I just had to make organizers for my pencils and brushes. Back in 2005 my mom made the inside of the pencil holder and this year I just recovered and took the extra fabric and made my brush holder...each did very well on the trip :-)

3rd Grade EcoSystem and Tunnel Book

handmade for Baby J

My husband and I will be having our first son any time now and here are a few things I have been making while the time passes...

This Blast Off pillow was at pottery barn for kids but I decided to had a few more colors to my hand stitched design

A hooded blanket with robotos and rocket! It's very soft on the inside.

Our colorful high chair and my handmade breastfeeding cover :0)

A rocket car seat cover.

Organic burp cloths with space fabric theme.

Okay, my dad made this one. This idea came from Ellie and Elliot and I just loved the apple idea but it was way to expensive!

Visual imagery mobile inner layer
second layer
Hanging. Sorry it's blurry.

My 1st attempt to make a mobile. Space...for my husband

and Clover listening to Baby J :-) She loves my belly

A Year's Elementary Curriculum

Over the summer I prepared my entire year curriculum. :-)