Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Displaying Artwork for 700+

I enjoy having a piece of art for each student displayed all year long.   

But.....that's 700 works , then if I rotate...4 to 6 times a year that's hanging what feels like 10,000 times then plus tak-putty in 4 corners....multiply.....it's A LOT 

So I think I have come up with a way to easily rotate artwork, minus the hanging part.  With all first ideas...it does need to be tweaked and there will be A LOT of prep.  

The idea is to laminate a frame to a 12x18 paper and make slits to re-open the frame.  Each frame will then be hot glued to painters tape and  hung on the wall in a class grouping.  

Ideas and thoughts are welcome.... The frame on the left, is for both vertical and horizontal artworks. How did I get the artwork to stay? When I cut the slit between the frame and blue background , I didn't go all the way down. 

At the bottoms, I  added diagonal slits for a 3x5 index card to either display the students name or Artist Statement. 

On the yellow background, I used a pre-cut frame.  

I think I will mount the frame black on black because horizontal artworks will show the construction paper. The frame I cut, also needs a bigger boarder.  

Monday, August 18, 2014

1st & 2nd Week!!!

Times hasn't stopped yet! We are already into our second week and I'm amazed at how well my young artists are doing and how I've made my lessons some what harder...but enjoyable for the students!

 Our first art project was designing our names including at least one or two Elements of Art!

Already #1 

My Word Palette is coming along.  I'm placing grade level coded post-it notes next to each word they are leaning.

I'm also trying something new this year.  I'm having students fill in the boxes, eventually they would write or fill in the blank for each line, but I'm thinking it's too much for 1-2 maybe just 3-4.

I also think, I OVER planned for this week.  I have to remember ART CLASS should be fun.  I think the standards got to me a little bit.

How do you introduce your art lessons?

Artist Inspiration
Then Art Production

Do you set up your tables? I'm in the process again training students to pick up their folders and then place them back in the CORRECT spot :0)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Art Room Windows!

I have wanted curtians for a whole year, I even bought the fabric! But I knew curtians would block too much sunlight so next best, stain glass look. 

What you need: 
Tissue paper
Scissors or paper cutte
Electrical tape -1 small roll side note husband said this tape will eventually leave a residue :-( because of the baking by the sun
Glue stick 

Step 1: cut your tissue paper and put a glue line on the window and stick your tissue paper on. This will hold and is easily removable and the window cleans easy with soap and water. 

Step 2: outline with electrical tape. So far no residue is building but it time!!! Meaning , you know when you pull masking tape off and the your like...where's my goo gone!!!  Yeah, I'll probably have to do that 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Art Room! #5 in progress

Still a lot to do, labeling , cleaning and organizing!

The main wall! I cans and project examples will hang on this wall.  I'm thinking of hanging two large  artworks above the board.  

31 classes this year and they will know different art styles ! Close up coming soon 

The material wall!!!! I'll label tomorrow 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Covering up the Cubbies!

I'm creating a text rich environment this year using the display cards from crystal production. 

The cubbies need to disappear but still be functional. Solution: hang picture hooks and then clip on a board with the display cards tacked onto them. Simple and clean.

I still need to make a 'what is a timeline' and 'what are art styles sign'.  :-)

 Easy hinge to still access items. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Art Room Library

This is a must have! When Artists' finish early, I have them complete a drawing activity or read a book. 

To the left: art books about artist and styles.  I'm working on coloring coding them by which shelf they go on so they stay organized! I'll tape paper to the book holder, 4 different colors and the. Color strips on the spin of the books. 

To the right: I'm working on labeling the yellow buckets , how to draw animals, people...vehicles etc.  One yellow bucket will have 1/2 sheets with a few pencils.  Clipboards are at the bottom. 

If someone finishes early, they are to complete a drawing based on following the steps in the book. They can add the image to their sketchbook or take it home.  I usually hd then because I have a few that can work in them the next time they finish early.