Tuesday, April 5, 2016

K-5 Artsonia Uploading by the Artists!

Artsonia Uploading by the Artists while I am on maternity leave!!!!

It can be done, just remember that! First, I introduced the whole class how to upload. Then when a whole table was ready to upload, I would invite them to the upload station. Next, came uploading. I had my Dad build the iPad stands with a slot for a clipboard. All work is hung vertical and then rotated in the App.  The first week...was a lot and I mean a lot of repeating...Yes, I wrote out steps, but honestly....it was quicker to visually show them when they were actually doing it.

After the students rotated to another art center, they were responsible for teaching/reminding each other how to upload. For sculptures, I found a box and taped a white background to it.  I'm hoping next year I can come up with something better.  All in all, Kinder thru Fifth have been sending me work for a month and its been great!

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