Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New Sub Plans

This is an editable 108 page word document. .docx

This will help any art teacher organize their substitute folder. 

108 pages includes: 
Intro letter
School info - Snap shot schedule, contacts and where to find
Emergency procedures
Daily schedule
Reflection Sheet for Sub
Classroom Management 
7 Sets of Class Rosters Templates 6 pages each in Rainbow colors 

Simon Says Lesson with 4 examples 
Pass the Drawing Group activity 
Art Doodle with Handout 

Individual Grade level lessons plans for K-12 using dry art media 
****K-8th Lessons have Step by Step handouts that the Sub can pass out copies

K - Color Garden 
1st - Fish Bowl 
2nd - Abstract Mystery Portrait 
3rd - Create a Creature 
4th - Lego Portrait 
5th - Dot and Dash/Pointillism 
6th - Patterned Name Design
7th - Sweet Treats
8th - Op Art Sphere
9th - Shattered Color Wheel
10th - Radial Design 
11th - Figure in Motion
12th - Magazine Expanded Drawing

Feel free to edit lessons for different grade levels!