Saturday, October 29, 2011

Baby Jahnig

Well...Babies do grow fast!!! He almost fit! I was going to cut the bottom off of the pumpkin and take another photo but it rained the next day and bugs are now taking over the pumpkin :-(

Here is us weighing Jasper :-)

Friday, August 26, 2011

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

2 schools, Interim, Masters, and Baby :-)

Notebooks for my interim.

My new 2 day a week classroom :-)

I meant to wipe of the window but it's okay for now.

Handmade holders

I recently went up to Boston University to complete my studio portion for getting my masters. I just had to make organizers for my pencils and brushes. Back in 2005 my mom made the inside of the pencil holder and this year I just recovered and took the extra fabric and made my brush holder...each did very well on the trip :-)

3rd Grade EcoSystem and Tunnel Book

handmade for Baby J

My husband and I will be having our first son any time now and here are a few things I have been making while the time passes...

This Blast Off pillow was at pottery barn for kids but I decided to had a few more colors to my hand stitched design

A hooded blanket with robotos and rocket! It's very soft on the inside.

Our colorful high chair and my handmade breastfeeding cover :0)

A rocket car seat cover.

Organic burp cloths with space fabric theme.

Okay, my dad made this one. This idea came from Ellie and Elliot and I just loved the apple idea but it was way to expensive!

Visual imagery mobile inner layer
second layer
Hanging. Sorry it's blurry.

My 1st attempt to make a mobile. Space...for my husband

and Clover listening to Baby J :-) She loves my belly

A Year's Elementary Curriculum

Over the summer I prepared my entire year curriculum. :-)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Wednesday...

I had 4 clay classes, 1 doing printmaking, and then 1 wire sculptures!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

K - Line & Found Object Print

Happy their coloring has improved...I meant to include the titles but totally forgot. I'm blaming it on pregnancy brain!

1st - Sewing Coasters


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

3rd Grade Prints - Ink or Watercolor MarkerS?

I let the students choose which printing process they wanted to do. They enjoyed both but I still like the watercolor one. :-) Students used mr. sketch watercolor/washable markers and colored their foam plate. I then carried a squirt bottle and sponge around when they were ready to print. Students squirted 2-3 sprays and sponged the paper... laid the wet side on top of the foam and pressed. They also really enjoyed using the brayers, so it was like the best of both worlds yesterday for them.

Friday, April 22, 2011

1st - Foam Prints with Frame

Sorry, I will include close ups soon. Students incised their foam using stylus and created a frame for mounting their own artwork.

3rd - Gyotaku

Oh the fish prints! They loved it, although some of them had to print twice because of too much ink. Students learned about the Japanese tradition of fish printing impressions. We discussed what Japan is currently going through and why our school was collecting money for them...all in all a well rounded learning experience of inking fish. :0)

K - Radial Symmetry

Relating radial symmetry to a pizza! First make 2 large circles for your crust....then divide your pizza in 1/2 for you and a friend...wait 2 more friends show up...divide in 1/2 again. How many slices of pizza do we have? 4! Now, find your center point and remember your designs have to go in each slice so everyone's slice looks the same and balance..... I was a little over excited that day. :-)

4th Grade- Stitching Time

Our curriculum states that students are to create a quilt block and learn about the 3 layers. Well, last year I had this idea of well why not throw in another step and add stuffing to make a pillow. Lots of work but in the end, I have many stories that make me smile.

Students first learned about the history of quilting, and embroidery. They were asked to tell a story on one block and had to write a paragraph with their sketch. On the other side, they had a little artistic freedom. Students then used fabric markers which were donated by to design their squares. I taught most of them in 3rd last year the basics of stitching. I was amazed at how some of them improved!

3rd Grade - Masks

3rd grade masks are now shiny!

2nd Grade- Pinch & Coil in one

The clay lady has a flower pot project which includes pinch pot on the bottom with a row of coil designs on top. I used air dry clay and I'm happy to say that I only touched the clay during the teacher check to smooth pieces together. The previous class students used crayola modeling clay to practice making their designs. :-)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

K - Bubble Print Snake

I found a snake template online and glued it to their bubble wrap prints :-) The lesson was inspired by

Thursday, March 24, 2011

K - Collograph Wrapping Paper Prints

Students created a foam design on a piece of cardboard. Today we printed them to create a wrapping paper design. Then we will create a Nevelson inspired sculpture to wrap. :-)

Large paper solution on the drying rack! Just fold them over onto the next shelf. Lots of students? You can lay the next paper on top of the folded portion of the bottom paper to have more space.