Sunday, August 7, 2011

handmade for Baby J

My husband and I will be having our first son any time now and here are a few things I have been making while the time passes...

This Blast Off pillow was at pottery barn for kids but I decided to had a few more colors to my hand stitched design

A hooded blanket with robotos and rocket! It's very soft on the inside.

Our colorful high chair and my handmade breastfeeding cover :0)

A rocket car seat cover.

Organic burp cloths with space fabric theme.

Okay, my dad made this one. This idea came from Ellie and Elliot and I just loved the apple idea but it was way to expensive!

Visual imagery mobile inner layer
second layer
Hanging. Sorry it's blurry.

My 1st attempt to make a mobile. Space...for my husband

and Clover listening to Baby J :-) She loves my belly

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Katie Morris said...

Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! I love all the stuff you picked out for your son, it's really cool! Good luck with the nursing cover up! My son gets mad when he is covered up so I never use the one I bought. Of course if I had used it right away he would probably be used to it. Anyway, congratulations, enjoy it, hoping for a safe and quick labor and delivery for you!