Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Art Week 1

 This week has been just great! I decided to stay at Ross Elementary as a part time art teacher and intervention teacher. :0) Last week we looked and remember how we were all artists using inspiration from the dot. This week in art we are studying our face and we made a sketchbook today! This year will have a lot of writing! After being trained in dibels yesterday, I have an appreciation of what classroom teachers are responsible for teaching students. I encourage every art/related arts teacher to collaborate with their grade levels. I hope your year has started off on the right foot!

Nature's beauty to start of the Monday morning. The day was just awesome!

Free stuff to start of a Tuesday morning :0)

A work from Friday classes last week

Pinterest tryout

Welcome Back!

Sketchbook Ideas

A must do every year! Tape a large paper to the table and when Kinders finish with their project, they have something to keep them busy! One table, as you can see...loved it a little too much but hey that's what art is for...experimenting!!!

Sketchbooks were made by K-4 today and they loved it. I had a pre-assessment of them drawing a portrait, then we filled in a template, and next week they will draw a self-portrait :0) A big thank you to my dad who drilled holes in 3 reams of paper, which was over in 5 minutes. I suggest a drill press over a hole punch. My goal is to use what I have in the room this year. 


Dawn said...

I love the dot bulletin board you did and your door looks great. you have inspired me to get going on my room decor.

Mrs. Jahnig said...

Yeah Dawn! You have more energy when you love your job !

Tracy Skeels said...

The large paper for when kindergarten is finished is brilliant. Thank you for that ! Love the dot display. What does the template look like that you do after the preassessment?