Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Displaying Artwork for 700+

I enjoy having a piece of art for each student displayed all year long.   

But.....that's 700 works , then if I rotate...4 to 6 times a year that's hanging what feels like 10,000 times then plus tak-putty in 4 corners....multiply.....it's A LOT 

So I think I have come up with a way to easily rotate artwork, minus the hanging part.  With all first ideas...it does need to be tweaked and there will be A LOT of prep.  

The idea is to laminate a frame to a 12x18 paper and make slits to re-open the frame.  Each frame will then be hot glued to painters tape and  hung on the wall in a class grouping.  

Ideas and thoughts are welcome.... The frame on the left, is for both vertical and horizontal artworks. How did I get the artwork to stay? When I cut the slit between the frame and blue background , I didn't go all the way down. 

At the bottoms, I  added diagonal slits for a 3x5 index card to either display the students name or Artist Statement. 

On the yellow background, I used a pre-cut frame.  

I think I will mount the frame black on black because horizontal artworks will show the construction paper. The frame I cut, also needs a bigger boarder.