Saturday, February 27, 2016

39 Weeks Pregnant & Artwork is Up

This was my last full week of classes before I start focusing on having my little girl.  My awesome husband helped me power through hanging the butcher paper while my 4 year old son played in the art room :-). 

The school will be celebrating its 25th anniversary so the walls needed to be colorful before I left.  My interim may have to fill in a few spots because I couldn't hang wood sculptures but I'm glad I was able to finish the majority.  

Two weekends ago the paper was up.  Last weekend, my Atrists finished an art center rotation so I had mounted the art to black paper with a name card or artist statement at the end of the day & put a clip on it. Last Saturday, it took me about five-six move slower when pregnant & I also had an hour lunch.  

 I put all the artwork on a cart...because bending down was not an option anymore. A cart with an extension cord and a cordless glue gun makes the process go much faster. 

The butcher paper was color coded by grade level and added the pop of color. I like hanging  art in rows or staggered so it was a bit 'messy' trying to fit 29 pieces onto a smaller butcher paper...but hey...make it work. I'll have a better plan for next year. For right now 31 classes are up! 

...Next year, I'll probably mount the artwork in my room on the butcher paper and then use clips and command hooks to hang it up in the hallways.  Since he butcher paper will be on clips, I plan on moving the artwork into the cafeteria during music programs so parents can see their child's artwork. :-) 

At 39 week, my last project this week was making a banner for a surprise birthday celebration for the students to add signatures around. I'll miss the celebration but Jahnig is out! 

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