Saturday, February 13, 2016

Art Center Notebook Outline & Kinder Art Centers with Sub Plans

The Art Centers have really been a nice transition this year. I took the lessons I normally teach in a year and introduced multiple lessons at a time. This allows more creativity from the students because they are no longer following a step by step project from me. Yes, they are reading a step by step but it's very open to interpretation. Artists have given me feedback, that they have enjoyed art more this year because they are getting to have more choice. I still have students who choose to follow my example but they are still changing the subject matter.

I just completed the Kindergarten Art Centers with Sub Plans included on my TPT. This was a lot of work and I'm still in the process of updating 1st - 5th. I will always notify buyers when I have updated the files.

Here is a FREE download of the chart I use to keep up with the Art Center Rotations.

The Art Center Substitute Notebook for K-5 Table Centers has a PREVIEW download highlighted pages that it includes.

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