Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Art Room Library

This is a must have! When Artists' finish early, I have them complete a drawing activity or read a book. 

To the left: art books about artist and styles.  I'm working on coloring coding them by which shelf they go on so they stay organized! I'll tape paper to the book holder, 4 different colors and the. Color strips on the spin of the books. 

To the right: I'm working on labeling the yellow buckets , how to draw animals, people...vehicles etc.  One yellow bucket will have 1/2 sheets with a few pencils.  Clipboards are at the bottom. 

If someone finishes early, they are to complete a drawing based on following the steps in the book. They can add the image to their sketchbook or take it home.  I usually hd then because I have a few that can work in them the next time they finish early. 


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Beth Carter said...

I like this and wish I had more room for this in my space. Nice!