Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Making Signs!

I have decided to hand make a lot of my posters for this year. One down and many to go.

This sign will hang outside next to my door.

This is my Rule sign that will hang in my classroom. I still need to work on the border but everything is coming along.


Becca Ruth said...

I like those rules!

Phyl said...

I just discovered your blog, and I really like your ART sign. Cute use of the letters of the word ART! I'll come back to check out your blog some more - and I invite you to come visit my blog "There's a Dragon in my Art Room" at http://plbrown.blogspot.com/

Mrs. Makowski said...

I love the "ART" sign! I might just have to create my own version for use in my classroom next year. Thanks for the great idea.

Charlene said...

Love the art rules sign and will have to "borrow" it. Thanks!