Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Do you use Discover Art, Adventures in Art, or Explorations in Art?????

If you have time, I need your thoughts for my research paper. I've decided to write about Laura H. Chapman and her works with Davis Publications....Discover Art 1985 and Adventures in Art 1998....she is still mentioned in the 2008, Explorations in Art so, I would like your thoughts on that also... :-)

I know some of you may have even met her, so if you have time I would love to hear your stories.

Questions: How has Chapman’s works influenced your teaching?

Also....For art teachers that have inspired and kept the ball rolling.....Do you remember the textbooks or lesson plans that you used in elementary before you read Laura H. Chapmans?

Thank you for your time and I'm hoping to include your thoughts in my paper...so please include first and last name :-)


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Anonymous said...

I have "Adventures In Art" but I rarely use them. I find that it's a good place to go for ideas, but I've never done a lesson out of the book.