Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Behaviors in Art Class

My goal is to be more communicative with parents. I created a creative news note to go home with awesome artists and borrowed the idea of the oooopps your child had a hard day in art.

So how to keep track of if you send a note home to be signed? I'm going to make a post-it note chart next to the door. If I send a behavior note home, I will write the student's name on a post-it on the sent side and when the note is returned...I will move the post-it over.

Is this a good idea? bad idea? have you tried it idea?

With only seeing the students one a week it's hard to remember if they returned a note...or who I sent a note home with.


Britt Kee said...

I think that is great way to open up more communication and to keep behavior repoire with your students.

Erica Carlson said...

I do the bad day one, I assume we have read the same blogs. I don't send them home much, so I just write it on my daily lesson book and track the kid down (if I don't forget). They owe me recess if it doesn't come back signed. It's a pain. I think it's effective.

Allison said...

would you be willing to email me a electronic copy of this so that I can change a bit of the wording?

Rebecca Watford said...

I would love to use your Creative News you had a terrific day in art class notes. Is there any way you could make it available so I could add my name to it?

Rebecca Watford