Thursday, August 8, 2013

2013 Art Year

New school!!! It's great when you really enjoy what you're doing 2 years in a row. I miss people but I've met so many new friends that I feel life can't get any better at this moment. 

Going into my sixth year, it's been 6 years wow! To think, I almost quit my first middle school position because of gang fights and being completing unaware of urban settings/lifestyles. (I wish I would have kept my journals, but I just wanted to forget but looking made me a strong teacher. ) 

All the hard work and great people I've met along the way has made me appreciate the job I have this year. If you are having a rough year, hang in there because every experience will make you stronger if you stay positive.   

The classroom: 

Get to know me! 

Color coded grade levels. 


Food is a must have! 

Ways of handling things. 

Codes and noise level chart. 



Becca Ruth said...

Happy for your new job!!

Mrs. Jahnig said...

Thanks Becca!

Mrs. Jahnig said...

Thanks Becca!

Angela Chapman said...

Your new classroom looks fabulous! Very warm and inviting! Have a fantastic school year! Miss you much!