Friday, July 3, 2015

Transitioning to a Choice Based Art Room

This year my goal is to introduce an inspiring artist, the I Cans, and an example project. I'm hoping this will lead into students developing his or her on projects to reflect who they are as an artist, as well as the techniques of each medium in the art room. I'm not sure if I'm ready for kindergarten but why not give it a go! Each table will have a different medium and each lesson has a sketchbook page. The older grades will have more reflection/artist statement.

Please share your thoughts and if I need to add anything! 


Julia Matthews said...

I love this! I am transitioning back to K-8 and would love to begin choice based...where did you find your best information from? I am a bit overwhelmed with this website and that website

Erin Mikels said...

Hello! I am very impressed with your lesson plan layout. I'm also transitioning to choice-based art education this next year. I have put together a Kindergarten curriculum map but am still working on 1st-3rd.... I've set up my Kinder curriculum with a Montessori style combined with Play and Care. I'm interested in learning more on your lessons you have created. Would you be willing to share and collaborate lessons and curriculum maps, I would also love to share and collaborate mine! My email is


Mrs. Jahnig said...

Hey Julia, I think I just picked from 'a lot' of TAB and Choice Based websites, what I thought would work best in my classroom. I'm sure I'll have to change things that I have planned but check out my Choice Based pinterest board.

Unknown said...

I love the way you layout your lessons. Makes so much more sense than the traditional lesson plan format. Did you create this yourself or get it from somewhere?


Mrs. Jahnig said...

I created it myself. Still in the process of changing A LOT to what works for my Artist.

Crista Cox said...

Have you ever considered selling your lesson plans? You would already have one customer :) and it looks like others like them, too.
I hope to go TAB/Choice-Based next year and need all the resources I can get my hands on.