Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chihuly Projects!

These are the Chihuly projects that I tested out a few weeks ago. The students really enjoyed all the projects and I hope to include them into the curriculum for next year.
Most of the projects are from
This marbling project was so much fun! We made a journal and a notepad.

We made a paper-weight inspired by pulled glass. We used air dry clay, tempera, and sealed with mod podge.

The window clings turned out great!
Students made 3 enclosed forms with 14-gauge aluminum wire and 'Arti' sick paint. You can also create images without the wire.

The insoluble painting was a little wacky! Students added different shapes inside the laminate pouch for the paint to move around. Next time I will measure the watercolor vs baby oil.

Students used a heat gun to manipulate their shrinky-dink form!! Sharpies are awesome!

We also made a yarn bowl and a tissue bowl using a balloon form.


Abbey Logan said...

Love your blog Crystal!!! i may have to try some of these Chihuly projects with my young artists!

Cheryl Hancock said...

What a lovely start to your blogging- I will look forward to your blog as you get into it- Check mine out as I have only just started myself.
Cheers cheryl H

Mary said...

I love all your Chihuly inspired projects! Can you give me an idea of how you did the last one with a balloon form?

Mrs. Jahnig said...

The balloon is taped to a bowl, to add weight, then add mod podge or glue to tissue paper and lay on balloon....two layers work best! POp the balloon when everything dries.

Snippety Gibbet said...

These are wonderful! jan

Mrs. Kim said...

I'd love to know how you made the window clings!