Saturday, February 27, 2016

39 Weeks Pregnant & Artwork is Up

This was my last full week of classes before I start focusing on having my little girl.  My awesome husband helped me power through hanging the butcher paper while my 4 year old son played in the art room :-). 

The school will be celebrating its 25th anniversary so the walls needed to be colorful before I left.  My interim may have to fill in a few spots because I couldn't hang wood sculptures but I'm glad I was able to finish the majority.  

Two weekends ago the paper was up.  Last weekend, my Atrists finished an art center rotation so I had mounted the art to black paper with a name card or artist statement at the end of the day & put a clip on it. Last Saturday, it took me about five-six move slower when pregnant & I also had an hour lunch.  

 I put all the artwork on a cart...because bending down was not an option anymore. A cart with an extension cord and a cordless glue gun makes the process go much faster. 

The butcher paper was color coded by grade level and added the pop of color. I like hanging  art in rows or staggered so it was a bit 'messy' trying to fit 29 pieces onto a smaller butcher paper...but hey...make it work. I'll have a better plan for next year. For right now 31 classes are up! 

...Next year, I'll probably mount the artwork in my room on the butcher paper and then use clips and command hooks to hang it up in the hallways.  Since he butcher paper will be on clips, I plan on moving the artwork into the cafeteria during music programs so parents can see their child's artwork. :-) 

At 39 week, my last project this week was making a banner for a surprise birthday celebration for the students to add signatures around. I'll miss the celebration but Jahnig is out! 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Art Center Notebook Outline & Kinder Art Centers with Sub Plans

The Art Centers have really been a nice transition this year. I took the lessons I normally teach in a year and introduced multiple lessons at a time. This allows more creativity from the students because they are no longer following a step by step project from me. Yes, they are reading a step by step but it's very open to interpretation. Artists have given me feedback, that they have enjoyed art more this year because they are getting to have more choice. I still have students who choose to follow my example but they are still changing the subject matter.

I just completed the Kindergarten Art Centers with Sub Plans included on my TPT. This was a lot of work and I'm still in the process of updating 1st - 5th. I will always notify buyers when I have updated the files.

Here is a FREE download of the chart I use to keep up with the Art Center Rotations.

The Art Center Substitute Notebook for K-5 Table Centers has a PREVIEW download highlighted pages that it includes.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

1 Sub Folder for 1 Semester

I will be taking maternity leave in 3 weeks and this notebook holds all information for anyone to walk my Artists through finishing the Art Centers to the month of May. 

Here's the TPT for the notebook starter.

I took 2 classes to introduce and demo each grade levels lessons/ it's time for the art making!

First, I had to create 'Custom Tabs'. The tabs were blank, I cut them accordingly and then used color pencils, sharpie, and covered the tabs with tape. Organized! Here's a FREE Blank Chart. 

In the idea of working with centers for 12 weeks, I had to keep track of which classes were where. As you know, field trips, snow classes are missed.  My only worry now is that there's not enough time for them to rotate. Don't worry, I have a plan B. During the month of May, Artists will be allowed to make 'mini' works of art at the centers. This will cut a 2 day project into 1. 

Back to the Art Sub Center Notebook: 
First, I have the daily chart to record which rotation a class is on. Keep in mind, classes on the same day may have different rotations. I have rotation charts located in 3 key places: First, a flip chart outside my door, so Artists can see where their colored table folder is being rotated to before they enter the room.. Second, on the white board...Third in this Sub notebook. Most students understand that they are rotating in order based on the number in which they started at.

I have 6 tables, 6 lessons in 6 mediums... for each class. Each grade level has a box on a shelf located next to the table with the materials they need. I will share a different post on how the shelves and table notebook examples are set up. 
Side Note: Artists will make a colored dot mark on the back of their artwork, so when I pull artwork off the drying rack...I can go to their classes bin and know exactly which colored table folder it goes into. My drying rack is also colored coded by grade level. 

Next, the Art Center Notebook has a "Welcome, Read Me" and "School Info, Emergency and Management" Tabs.  I included a "Daily Morning" to-do  sheet of what the Sub should set up and read before classes begin. This should allow the Sub to familiarize themselves with the Art Centers. 

The next tabs hold all the lessons for each grade level. Yes, all K - 5 has both a Day 1 and Day 2 schedule lesson plan that does a brief walk through for each table center. (36 different lessons in a day) Yes, it did take a lot of time to put together, but every year, I update lessons and this is a great way to see how lessons/techniques are evolving each year. I'm also considering having the same centers begin in August...they are already set up... and ready to go. At the same time, it's not overwhelming. The lessons are using the same medium/similar at each table. The grade level boxes are already prepped...I had a few more paper here..foam keep materials in stock. 

The Day 1 Schedule, is a simple glance at what the Artists at that table are doing for the class period. I have a more detailed Step by Step example in the tables notebook. The Day 2 Schedule, has an overlook of 'the Artists should be finishing up. Have them take a photo to upload to Artsonia. The Upload Station has a posters which walks them through the steps of uploading. Also, they write an Artist Statement and can share their work with others who are finished. Once that's completed, then they may have free time. I'll post my free time activities in a different post.

Last 5 Tabs: After the lesson tabs.....come the Monday - Friday class rosters.

This idea of centers with my students has been trying but very rewarding. My first year with them, I would hang my examples and all the art would look the same. Last year, I rarely put up my teacher examples and I recycled my demo examples...but the kids still wanted theirs too look like mine but 'some' started to personalize their subject matter. This year, it's the total opposite. On my board are all 6 examples for each grade level, but the majority of the work doesn't look like mine. Before starting these centers, I told the students that they had a choice of what he/she wanted to create because "They are the Artist". My leading lesson was just an idea of how the Artist can explore the style of art making. I wanted them to explore a new way to make their art more personal and meaningful with a connection to the lesson idea. I still have some give and take days of asking Artists to work on their craftsmanship and how could they explore different ways in using the materials.  Most of all, some of my Artists still need a given Subject/Theme/Direction, but others are beginning to challenge themselves and create what they want to. Overview: It's going to take time.....modified lessons to Tab...not sure yet.

Almost ready to blog about new centers!